Floor Styles

We provide two styles of underfloor hydronic heating, in-slab heating and in-screed heating. 95% of under floor heating systems are in-slab heating.

MOST POPULAR – In-Slab Heating – We install the Hydronic heating pipes inside the construction slab prior to the slab being poured. We clip our piping to the re-enforced metal bar a specific distance from the top of the finished surface. This is critical to the performance of the hydronic heating systems to enable an even heat spread up through the slab. To time this properly and ensure a smooth and successful installation involves close communication between us, the builder, engineers and the concreting contractors.

In-Screed Heating – After the construction slab is poured we install the Hydronic heating pipes onto special foam insulation board that sit on top of the construction slab. A screed is then poured over the pipe for tiles or finished floor covering. This method requires careful planning as the additional height for the insulation board, piping and screed adds approximately 50mm to 100mm of height above the construction slab. This form of heating costs around 50% more than in-slab. On top of that you need to also allow for two concrete pours which can add up to quite a bit.